Where There is Fire There is Smoke

fire fighterWhen a fire occurs damaging your property, it can be a devastating disaster for you and your family in the Davenport area. Although a fire can do a lot of damage to your home, sometimes putting out a fire can be just as damaging than the fire itself. Once the fire is put out and the property is safe, fire and smoke damage cleanup can begin. The team at Challis Restoration Services has the proper knowledge and the right equipment to get the job done correctly and most efficiently. The experts here know how to treat smoke, soot, and water damage in your home after a fire.

After the Fire

You should always think about safety first before starting any kind of cleaning or restoration to your home after smoke damage. Always be sure to use a mask and gloves when beginning to start on smoke cleanup. Open up your windows to allow for ventilation in your home. You could even add a few fans to help get rid of the ash and dust in your home. Be sure to use a high efficiency vacuum when cleaning your home. These types of vacuums can pick up all the fine particles that a regular vacuum cannot pick up. When dealing with your walls, make sure they have not been soaked with water. If your drywall and insulation is wet, you will need to replace those. If left wet for too long they will start to generate mold.

Smoke Cleanup

-Wash your clothing in cold water. Smoke and soot can be washed from clothing that can be bleached.

-More fragile clothing should be dry cleaned.

-Using 4-6 tbsp of tri-sodium phosphate can help remove soot and smoke off of your walls. Be sure to wash floors last.

-Wash your pots, pans, and any other kitchenware with soapy water.

-Using a damp cloth and even newspaper can help clean your stiff leather.

-Other items that are severely damaged should be left for the professionals to clean and restore.

-Use Baking soda on carpets and furniture

-Use vinegar on fabrics

Smoke Odors

There is a range of sources of smoke odors that can impact the longevity of the smell. Many smoke odors can come from cooking fires, forest fires, or even cigarette smoke.

The duration of the smoke can be a huge issue. A quicker smoke does not usually penetrate any of the porous surfaces deeply making the smell not last as long. The smell can be eliminated with a lot less effort than smoked from a wood burning fireplace. When you have smoke that lingers longer, the smoke can penetrate the porous surfaces deeply making the smell last longer and harder to clean out or the fibers. Soot is very light and can travel through the air easier making soot removal a major priority. You should not put off cleaning smoke damaged items. Lettings items go too long with smoke can increase the cost and also leave permanent damage to your items.


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