What is Smoke Cleanup in Davenport?

Basement Bedroom WindowWhen fire damage occurs in your home the last thing you will be thinking about is the smoke damage the follows. Smoke can cause extensive corrosion, discoloration and etching along with a pungent odor you may recognize.  Professionals, like Challis Restoration Services, can remove smoke damage before it becomes a major issue, if they are contacted as soon as possible.

Is Smoke Really That Bad?

When you breathe in smoke you breathe in tiny solid, liquid or gas particles that are made of hundreds of different chemicals. Visible smoke or soot is make of carbon, tar, oils and ash. Who wants to breathe that into their lungs?

You may not think it would take that smoke damage cleanup in Davenport would be that extensive but let’s take a moment to think about it.  If you have ever burnt a meal in the stove than you may know how quickly and easily it is for smoke to fill up your kitchen quickly. Even this small incident will leave a lingering smell in your oven if not cleaning and aired out efficiently. Now, imagine that on a large scale.

Smoke Odor Sources May Include

  • Grease or Cooking Fires
  • Outdoor Fires
  • Cigarette Smoking
  • General House Fires

Suffering from Smoke Damage?

If you have smoke damage in your Davenport home contact the professionals at Challis Restoration Services!  At Challis Restoration in Davenport our technicians are properly trained and have extensive experience when it comes to smoke cleanup in Davenport. We are fully prepared for the worst of situations in home or commercial property damage.

Call the professionals today! Call Challis Restoration Services!

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