Dealing with Water Damage


Water Damage SmallDid you know that saltwater requires different tricks and techniques to be removed from your home or business. Saltwater needs special treatment compared to ordinary spill or from any other kind of water damage. Salt can react with insulation on your wires and even react with the wire itself causing major damage. Salt water can react with materials such as zinc, iron, steel, and concrete. Most items in your home can be greatly affected by salt and will need water damage cleanup.

Salt VS Fresh Water

Most of us know the dangers that salt can do to our vehicles when winter comes. Salt can eat away the body of cars, as well as trees, sidewalks, and even foundations of buildings. Salt will do the same thing with your home. If you have a flood in your home involving salt water, you need to react right away to help preserve items in your home. When salt water reacts with wood, it will penetrate the fibers and will take the lignin out of the wood.

What Salt Water Damage

When your home has been flooded by salt water, the metal that is in your home can begin to corrode. Thus, leading to shorts in your power and causing other major damage. With salt water, the electrical systems should be flushed away by fresh water to determine if the wiring and other electrical systems need to be replaced. This could include the wire in your walls, your electrical box, and any other electronic appliances in your home. If you are experiencing flooding, you should immediately shut the power off to your home to help reduce any more water damage cleanup needed.

Preventing Mold

Any surface that stays wet or damp too long can experience mold growth. Mold can begin to grow in less than 48 hours. It is key to have a professional remove mold from your home. If you do not remove all the mold, you could experience unpleasant odors in your home, and also pollute the air in your home causing poor air quality. With time, mold can even lead to a fungal infection which can grow inside the body.


Once a storm has hit your home, you should immediately begin cleaning up the salt water. The longer the salt water remains, the more water damage it will do to your belongings and more expensive it will be to have the restoration service done. When the cleanup process has begun, you should check your items for salt content and mold. If you do see mold, have a professional come in to help eliminate the mold from spreading further. All of your items should be dried out with heaters and fans to help remove moisture that has been embedded in your components. If you attempt to do the clean up on your own, you may risk making the situation worse.


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