Your Top Priorities After A Flood

It is easy to be overwhelmed after a flood. With all the damage and mess left behind, a common question for many people is: what’s next? To make that question easier for you to answer, below are four of the most important priorities to focus on after a flood. With these priorities in mind, you will be able to calmly and safely get through the trauma of a flood. For the heavy lifting and any additional help, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Challis Restoration in Cedar Rapids right away!

Be Safe!

The aftermath of a flood can be very dangerous. This is usually the case for the main reasons.

  • Structural Damage: The force of a violent flood or the gradual deterioration caused by moisture each contribute to structural damage. Sometimes this damage is obvious, but it can also be more subtle. Because structural weakness is sometimes difficult to spot, you should take extra caution and have your home professionally inspected.  
  • Mold Growth: A common result of water damage and mold growth is the potential it has to cause serious health problems. This doesn’t happen right away since the mold needs time to grow and spread, but if water damage is not appropriately taken care of right away then mold growth is inevitable. Take care to not inhale mold spores or live around them as much as possible.
  • Contaminated Water: Most floodwater is not sanitary. In fact, it is common for floodwater to contain dangerous bacteria and microorganisms that cause illness and disease. The extent of the danger can range from diarrhea and stomach pain to more serious conditions and even death. It is best for you to play it safe and stay out of the floodwater as much as possible. Leave that job to the pros.

Remove The Water ASAP

This is the most important thing you can do after a flood. The sooner the water is removed, the less severe the damage will be. Literally every hour you wait to begin the restoration process after a flood leads to greater damage. Thus, as soon as you detect a flood don’t hesitate to call in the pros. We at Challis Restoration in Cedar Rapids offer 24/7 emergency response and are just one call away.

Be Aware Of Mold Growth

As mentioned previously, mold growth is an inevitable result of water damage if the damage is not properly taken care of. When mold growth is allowed to run rampant, it can have serious consequences. Mold can be expensive to remove and clean. It can also cause major structural damage if it finds its way inside your walls and ceilings.

Call In The Pros

At the end of the day, there are many different factors you should focus on after a flood. Your number one priority, though, should be to contact a professional cleaning and restoration contractor. The right restoration contractor will be able to focus on the aforementioned priorities for you. They will keep you safe, remove the water as fast as possible, prevent mold growth, and provide a host of other services that will restore your home back to new as soon as possible.


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