The Do’s and Don’ts of Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Cleanup Iowa City, Water Damage Iowa CityWhen it comes to water damage cleanup, there are just as many things you shouldn’t do as there are things you should do. The most important thing you should do is hire a professional restoration contractor to do the real dirty work for you. In the Iowa City area, Challis Restoration Services is here for you for any of your water damage cleanup concerns. Below are some of the most important do’s and don’ts you should know about water damage cleanup.

Do- Stop the Flow of Water as Soon as Possible

Obviously, this must be your first priority if your home is flooded. You should locate the source of the floodwater as soon as possible and then work to stop the flow of water. The more water that floods into your home, the greater the damage becomes.

Do- If Possible, Turn Off or Remove Electronics in the Affected Area

Floodwater can do one of two things with your electrical system. First, damage your electronics or destroy them beyond repair. Second, it could cause a very dangerous problem in certain areas of your home could be electrically charged. If you know that a flood will be coming ahead of time, you’ll want to be sure to move all your valuable electronics up to higher ground where they are less likely to be exposed to the flood water.

Do- Air Out the Home as Much as Possible

One of the best things you can do for your home to minimize water damage is to begin airing it out as soon as possible. You’ll want to open up your doors and windows for maximum ventilation. It’s also a good idea to bring out all the fans and dehumidifiers you have to allow the water to evaporate faster.

Do- Utilize a Sump Pump

While airing out the home as much as possible is important, certain areas of your home where there is a lot of water will need a lot more than just ventilation. That is why having a sump pump on hand is one of the best ways to be prepared for a flood. You can purchase a quality sump pump for just a couple hundred dollars at your local department store. A sump pump will go a long way towards getting all the excess flood water pumped out of your home.

Don’t- Attempt to Clean Up Contaminated/Sewer Water

Oftentimes floodwater carries harmful bacteria and microbes with it. Sometimes this is obvious and you can even see the sewage in it. However, sometimes you can’t see it with the naked eye at all. That’s why it’s important to be very careful cleaning up floodwater since it could make you sick.

Don’t- Wait to Call for the Professionals to Help

After a flood, it can be an overwhelming prospect to consider getting it all cleaned up. Some people try to take this process on by themselves, however, it is really done best by the professionals. At Challis Restoration Services in Iowa City, we have the proper training, equipment, and certification to get the job done right for you. That way you won’t have to worry about the mess of restoring your home along with all the stress that comes along with a home ravaged by water damage.