Five Ways To Keep Your Home Water Damage Free

water damage cleanup cedar rapids, water damage repair cedar rapids(Water damage may seem harmless enough, however…it can be incredibly destructive to you and your home). Cedar Rapids, a wondrous place to be taken control by the waters beneath you. A place where you can get an adrenaline rush and enjoy something fantastic in order to make incredible memories.  And yet, while you take on the rapids, there are safety measures that need to be taken. You need to sit carefully in your raft with a life vest strapped about your upper body. For rapids, beautiful as they are, can be very dangerous. The same can be said of the powers of property water damage. Water may seem harmless enough but left to its own devices it can be incredibly destructive to your home. Water damage can happen to anyone and at any time. But before it happens to you, take some simple measures to decrease the risk of sudden loss due to water damage.
  1. Update Any Drainage Pipes That Your Home Has:  Make sure that your drainage pipes are up to date. When constructing or updating them, place the drainage pipes in such a manner that rain water falls through and ejects away from the home. Under no circumstances should you allow the drain pipes to release water close to the foundation. If so, you then run the risk of water weakening your foundation over time which can prove dangerous if left alone.
  2. Install A Sump Pump:  Are you having water issues mostly in the basement? Do they happen often? Then a Sump Pump will be of assistance to you. Choose a cast iron pump, and in case of a power outage, get a battery powered device as back up.
  3. Keep Your Doors And Windows Up To Date: When it is time to purchase new windows, make sure that you pick out windows which are water tight and thick of glass. If you wish to save money by not purchasing new windows, inspect the old ones; make sure that if any seams or cracks are visible, they be sealed and cleaned in order to restore their previous sheen.
  4. Replace Your Pipes:  Pipes for homes have a similar lifespan to humans when it comes to years:  50-80 years. It is highly recommended that your pipes be replaced every fifty years. But, are you unsure of your pipes lifespan? Fear not! For a plumber will be able to access your pipes and inform you of their current age.
  5. Every Year Give Your Roof A Thorough Investigation:  Roofs are great objects which under most circumstances, provide an effective defense against the rain and snows of the heavens, who are responsible for many water damage instances. Regularly, at least once a year, check on the state of your roof. Are you missing shingles on your roof? Or does your roof possess damaged shingles? Then they would need to be replaced in order to keep your home up to date and safe from outside forces.  
A simple phone call to Challis Restoration Services in Cedar Rapids  and the surrounding areas, will start you on the road to recovery if it so happens that your home experiences water damage. With hundreds of water damage repair projects under their belt, in addition to highly trained and nationally certified staff, they have the know-how and experience to get you cleaned up, dried out and back to living FAST! Plus – they  stand behind their work with a 100% Unconditional Guarantee.