The Do’s And Don’ts Of Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanup cedar rapids, water damage cedar rapidsNobody expects a tragic accident or mistake to happen. We avoid mishaps at all cost, but because we are imperfect humans, mistakes and errors will happen throughout our lives. Sometimes mistakes are accidents that are our fault, and sometimes they are out of our control. Damage to the home, such as water damage could come unexpectedly from a burst pipe or flood. Water damage may also come from leaving a faucet running, or letting a leaky pipe go unfixed. Whatever your situation is, professionals are on call and ready to help reverse the consequences of the damage caused by water. Challis Restoration Company will come to rescue your Cedar Rapids, Iowa home from any water damage that may have occurred. You can leave the stress and work to them and you save time and continue living your life as normal as possible. Simply call them as soon as you possibly can, and leave the rest to them to solve.

What Can You Do?

If you suspect the water may be contaminated, avoid the affected areas. Contaminated water could be harmful to your health. Protect yourself and your family members by avoiding any contaminated areas. If water is clean, you can put in a little extra effort before your cleaning company arrives. Get air flowing into the affected area with fans to try and dry out excess water. Remove furniture and items to a safe spot if it will help eliminate the chance of further damage. You may even need to take towels to wipe down and soak up some of the water. Of your furniture, let as much surface area reach air as possible. Open cabinets and drawers, remove cushions, hang rugs, etc. Figure out your priorities and move those items you find most valuable out of the affected area first. Professionals will be ready for when you call and will arrive as soon as they can with their 24-hour service.

What Not To Do:

While there are a few tips mentioned above regarding what you can do when your home experiences water damage, there are some things you should avoid doing for the safety of you and your home. First, you should not attempt to “DIY” the problem. Do not use regular home equipment or cleaners. These are not equipped for cleaning up water damage. An item such as a regular vacuum will not be of much help and may cause more damage. Professionals have special extraction equipment built for the purpose of water damage restoration. Likewise, do not wait to call professional help. The longer you wait, the worse the water damage will get. Water damage spreads and causes mold, which also spreads. The sooner you take care of the damage, the sooner you will be freed from the problem, and the less money you will spend fixing your home. Keep yourself safe when you are around any affected area. Make sure electricity is turned off in any rooms with water. Do not go in a room that may have mold or contaminated water. 

Challis Restoration in Cedar Rapids is an experienced and professional water damage restoration company and is available 24 hours a day for your water damage emergencies.