Steps For Experiencing Water Damage

water damage cleanup cedar rapids, water damage cedar rapidsSometimes life just happens.  While there are plenty of situations that we can take on and even plan for so that we can bend the situation to our will. However, most of the time, we end up in certain situations out of our hands.  And when that does happen, usually, the first thing on our mind is to panic. And of course, once panic does set in, the situation can become dire.

One situation that can create panic if not handled correctly, is water damage.  This scenario is a common one: Running to and fro trying to get everything completed for the holidays before the deadline, it is understandable that you are bound to forget something that would seem so minor.  Perhaps you forgot to turn off the water faucet in the bathroom as you cleaned up for a date last night?

Whatever the case, upon your return your place of residence to find it completely flooded.  Now the wheels in your head begin turning as you start to calculate the amount of cash and steps needed to be taken required to fix your error.  The first item of business would be to contact your insurance company and inform them of the situation and follow their instructions. The second step would be to get in touch with a local water damage cleanup company.  

Now that this is done, what are you to do? Sit and wait for the cleanup company to arrive?  Believe it or not, there are a few things that you can do to ease up on the cleanup process before the crew arrives.  The steps may be long, but the results will help you sleep easier at night in the process.

First things first, it is important to understand the type of water that you are dealing with. If it’s clean water, such as a drinking source, you’re safe to proceed. If it’s contaminated water, like from a sewage line or floodwater, leave everything to the professionals. Contaminated water can pose a serious health hazard.  However, if the water is clean, you are free to proceed with a few other steps in order to make the cleanup process slightly easier.  

  • Open windows or turn on the air conditioner if the weather allows. This helps ventilate the area, which can prevent mold from growing.
  • Open closet doors and things such as furniture drawers to increase airflow in water damaged areas. If a step can be taken to increase airflow and help to dry, do so.
  • Wipe and dry furniture to remove excess water, which prevents water staining and warping.
  • Remove as much water from areas by mopping and blotting where it’s wet in areas where the water damage has occurred.
  • If couch cushions or similar furniture have gotten wet, they can be propped up for even drying.
  • If something can be removed from the damaged area, do so. Move furniture to dry, lift drapes off flooring, and remove wet area rugs.
  • Move valuables such as paintings, photos, or instruments such as a piano to a safe, dry place where they can be further from the water source and assessed for damage.

Follow these steps, and let the cleanup company do their job, and you should have your home back into living order without any further problems. However, many situations in life take on the form of coins: double-sided. With every positive, there is always a negative. Here is a list of a few things that you should not do once you understand your situation:

  • Do not use your ordinary household vacuum to remove the excess water. Regular vacuums are not meant to be used for water removal and attempting do so could prove hazardous. A professional water restoration company will have the proper tools, such as wet vacuums, to do so safely.
  • Do not use electrical appliances while standing on wet flooring or carpets. If safe to do so, unplug any electrical appliances that are in the damaged area and remove them. In many cases, even if they seem to be operational, it is safer to replace appliances that have had access to water damage.
  • Exercise extreme caution when electricity and water are involved. Turn off the power, and never go into any room with standing water if the electricity is on.
  • Do not attempt to remove carpet or other household additions that have been tacked or nailed without professional help. Doing so could damage or ruin your carpet. When in doubt, always leave it to the professionals.
  • Never go into any room where you have reason to believe that the structural integrity of the building has been damaged. If you can see something like a sagging ceiling, stay clear and wait for the professionals, as these situations can be extremely dangerous.

As with the steps previously mentioned, if you follow these tips, it will not only keep you safe, but also aid somewhat in the repair process done by the cleanup company.  If you are looking for a professional company experienced in water damage cleanup in Cedar Rapids, Challis Restoration Inc. is the crew you are looking for! From flood and water damage repairs to full remodels and insurance reconstruction, Challis Restoration Services provides quality work at a fair price; and has done so for over 20 years! As a fully insured and licensed contractor with expert technicians, they are dedicated to working with you to address all your restoration needs. (563)-748-14535