Squirrels Can Cause Water Damage And Cleanup To Your Roof

water damage cleanup cedar rapids, water damage restoration cedar rapids, water damage repair cedar rapidsCedar Rapids is known as a safe place to have a home and raise a family. Here on the banks of the Cedar River, our city offers a great quality of life but is prone to wild weather and spring flooding. With all this urban growth, rebuilding, and relocation have driven a vast array of species, including squirrels into the city and its suburban neighborhoods.

While squirrels are cute, these furry rodents have exceptionally strong teeth that can chew through most roof materials. In many cases, squirrels chew holes in fascia boards to get inside your home. But sometimes, if they find some weak areas, they may chew through the roof deck, gables and other similar spots. 

When squirrels rip through the shingles and make a hole, water gets inside the attic during rain, leading to ceiling leaks.  If you have a problem with nuisance wildlife in Cedar Rapids, the state agency is very unlikely to help. You need to hire an independent pest removal service to get rid of the pests. Then you need to call Challis to repair the potential water damage and cleanup costs that may have occurred.

Damage Prevention

Make sure your roof is in good shape and doesn’t have any gaps or loose parts that animals can easily pry open. While not 100% effective at keeping critters out, at least your home won’t be an easy target. Try not to attract squirrels to your property. In the fall, squirrels start gathering nuts and seeds to survive in winter. If you have nut-bearing trees or bird feeders in your backyard, monitor the yard.

Squirrels are a persistent problem since they constantly move around at roof level while climbing and jumping between trees. Squirrels also love to nest in attics, and they’ll gnaw through your roof in order to gain access. When squirrels damage your roof in order to enter your attic, they’ll cause roof leaks and severe water damage cleanup issues. 

The fascia boards in your roof are one of the most vulnerable components. They act as a connector between your roof and your siding, which makes them uneasy access point to enter your attic. Holes in your fascia boards will also allow wind-driven rain into your home, which can cause water damage.

Your home’s roof has a small plumbing vent on the top of it that releases excess air from your home’s plumbing system. In order to prevent the plumbing vent from leaking, it’s attached to your roof using a plumbing boot made from either lead or rubber. Any loose shingles on your roof can act as a potential entry point for squirrels. 

Squirrels are capable of causing considerable damage to your roof. Regular inspection and repair will keep your roof in good condition, making it a much less attractive target for squirrels. If you suspect damage, call Challis to inspect and then repair any resulting damage. 

Call Challis for Your Water Damage Needs

The team at Challis Restoration in Cedar Rapids understands the restoration and recovery process – from first-aid measures and emergency response to technical services and total reconstruction. Over 25 years of experience If you have any questions regarding water damage cleanup, storm damage restoration, sewage damage repair, or flooding cleanup call as soon as possible!