Climbing Back Up After Water Damage

water damage cedar rapids, water damage cleanup cedar rapids, water damage restoration cedar rapidsHave you ever heard of the nursery rhyme about the little spider that climbs the water spout. In my opinion, that little spider had a lot of courage to try and reach the top of the water spout after being completely washed out! I have a feeling that perhaps he knew what to do in order to survive such things as water disasters. Likewise, there are things we should know when we encounter our own water disasters. Examples of these are water damages that can occur in our homes and businesses. These water damages come from a range of sources: floods, leaky pipes, backed up sewer lines, and storms! As soon as you find water damage in your home- call Cedar Rapids professionals like those at Challis Restoration! While they are on their way, it is important to remember these few things as you prepare to take care of the water inside your home or business. 

  1. Standing water creates damage: while wishing the water to go away may seem like a simple solution, the minute the water touches your property, it creates problems that could lead to structural damage and wear of the product. It is important to have professionals come in and clean out the water effectively so that your property can be restored to its original perfection. 
  2. Mold: there is not a lot more that needs to be said when one hears the word ‘mold.’ Mold occurs when water has been sitting for a long period of time. Using professionals allows them to spot the source of the problem and quickly eliminate the possibility of mold growth. These professionals have the correct tools to make sure that the mold will not come back. 
  3. Health issues: while you may think that getting rid of the water yourself will solve the problem, it is important to note that there are health risks associated with this damage. If left untreated, or if treated improperly, mold and mildew growth will lead to health concerns that could harm you and your loved ones. 
  4. Hidden problems: there may also be water damage to structures or items that you are unaware of. Having professionals come in to look and take care of the issue allows you to rest easy, knowing that even in those areas you did not know about, the damage has been taken care of. Because of the trained eye of these specialists, you can be assured that all of the potential problems will be assessed and taken care of.

It is important to remember that having help is always a good thing. Like the little spider, her was able to climb the water spout with a little help from the sun. Knowing what to do in times of trouble will give you the confidence that you need to conquer your ‘water spout.’ If you find yourself in need of water damage cleanup and restoration in Cedar Rapids, be sure to call the trusted professionals at Challis Restoration to help you!