The Myths and the Real Facts about Mold

Mold is one of the most common problems that household owners face. It is also one of the least understood issues out there. Lots of misconceptions fly around about what mold does to us and how dangerous it really is. Let’s take a look at what those myths are and what is really true about mold.

MoldMyth #1- All mold causes health problems

This myth is easily debunked when one considers that mold is common in everyday items, even things we put into our bodies. Cheese is one example of mold that is not bad for you. The medicine Penicillin is actually made out of blue and white penicillium molds. Along with these common items that have mold in them, there are some types of mold you see in your home that, although they look nasty, are not actually hazardous to your health.

Myth #2- All mold that appears black is hazardous

Because of the stigma associated with black mold people normal run for the hills when they see anything that could be a dark colored mold. Real black mold isn’t anything to be trifled with, but some of the forms of mold you see could be black but not black mold. All in all, there are so many different types of mold that it is almost impossible for someone not an expert in the subject to know what molds are dangerous and what molds aren’t.

Myth #3- Just cleaning up any mold in your home is enough to get rid of it

Simply cleaning the mold you see often will not be enough. To completely eradicate the mold, you will need to find what is causing it, which is the moisture source. Mold feeds off of moisture so you will need to go through a deep cleaning and drying process to ensure the mold will go away and stay away.

Fact #1- Mold feeds off of moisture

As mentioned above, all mold needs to flourish is a little excess moisture. IT is valuable for any homeowner to go through their home, especially to the parts that are more likely to have moisture build up and ensure there is no mold growth there.

Fact #2- Every home has mold to some degree

Mold is all around us. It can’t be avoided. There are spores in the air that we breather. However, it doesn’t manifest itself in a visible way until it has a water source. Since mold is everywhere and most of us haven’t died of mold poisoning that means most of the mold around us isn’t toxic or even harmful. Mold is a part of life that we can’t escape. The key is just escaping the bad mold.

 In all cases when it comes to mold in your home, it is always a good choice to involve the professionals. Whether you call them for a simple inspection or to clean up a mold problem, it will take a lot of stress and worry out of your hands. Challis Restoration located in Tipton, Iowa is one such company. With years of experience and a high level of professional care, we are here to help you with all of your mold concerns.


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