Summer Water Damage Danger in Davenport

hvac water damage davenportIt’s August and your summer is packed with family vacations, pool parties, and plenty of reunions. Your list seems endless! But what you don’t want on your list this summer is one of the most common culprits of water damage in Davenport: air conditioner leaks. With summer in full swing, your air conditioner is probably receiving more love than usual. However before you crank the AC this season, we want to share some important tips on maintaining a functioning air conditioner.

When working at optimal performance, an air conditioning system can collect 10 to 20 gallons of water daily. This water drains off of the condensation coil into a collection pan and then is disposed of automatically into the sewer system. Most of this process goes unseen. But if the drain becomes clogged and your system produces more water than the clogged drain can handle, the water can overflow. In almost no time, the leak can lead to water damaged furniture and floors, as well as mold growth.

Causes of AC leaks

  1. Backed up drain line

When the drain line gets backed up with dirt or water, it is forced to pool in the drain pan. Since the drain pan can only hold a certain amount of water, it can overflow if there’s a large amount of water.  This is a very common cause of water leakage from your AC system as drain lines become clogged with dirt, rust, algae, and other debris.

  1. Rusty or cracked drain pan

Drain pans are usually constructed of metal or plastic. Unfortunately, metal rusts and plastic gets brittle, especially when your area is experiencing extreme temperatures. After extended corrosion, the pan develops a hole which leaks over time.

  1. Dirty air filter

After time, air conditioning filters inevitably get dirty. This prevents adequate air flow to the evaporator’s coils. The coils can freeze, causing water to spill out of the drain pan.

Ways to avoid damage from water leakage

  • Make sure your central AC system has a secondary drain line to prevent drain pan pooling.
  • If you don’t already, call a professional to examine your AC system at least yearly. This can save you a lot of time and money in the future.
  • Invest in an overflow shut off device. This preventative measure will almost always save you from dealing with water damage.
  • Change your HVAC air filters once a month.
  • Call Challis Restoration to examine your HVAC unit on an annual basis. We have the equipment and personnel needed to keep your AC running properly throughout the hot summer months and throughout the year.

These simple steps can save you the hassle of dealing with water damage this summer. But if you experience water leakage, mold damage, or general water damage, call Challis Restoration in Davenport, IA. One phone call can kick start your recovery to a clean, safe home. We will thoroughly and quickly perform water damage cleanup in Davenport so you can get back to enjoying a great summer in Iowa!


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