Summer Brings on the Heat

fire fighterNow that summer has now arrived, the last thing on your mind is having fire damage to your property. If a fire does happen to your home or other property, it can be very overwhelming for most people. Many of us think that once a fire does happen our home or property, it can no longer be salvaged. However, with the help of professionals, you could have your home looking good as new. The principles behind fire damage cleanup are fairly simple, it still requires many years of experience, along with the manpower to help perform these tasks. This means that you shouldn’t attempt to clean up or repair your home without professionals.

After the Damage

Many will think that after the flame is gone and put out, the immediate danger is gone. That may be the case, but having ash and smoke left unhindered will cause extensive corrosion, etching, and even discoloration! Having professionals come and take care of your fire damage can stop this before it becomes a bigger problem to your home or property. Many companies say they can take care of fire damages, but only those who have the proper training and the qualified certification should be considered.

Smoke Damage

When having professionals, many of them can restore some of your personal items that have been affected by the fire. However, Professionals need to be brought to the site as soon as possible so that they can stop any more damage from occurring to your items. Even though the fire is put out, ash will still discolor most surfaces. This can include items that are plastic or even items that were close the fire can start to discolor within a matter of minutes. Within several hours, metals may start to tarnish, fiberglass and finishes may start to yellow, and after a few days, your walls will start to discolor permanently.

What Happens If You Don’t Use A Professional

If you decide to not hire a professional to help clean the smoke or the fire damage, you could expect a huge increase in cost for repairs. Carpet will be permanently discolored, metals will be corroded and need to be replaced, and glass will be severely etched. The odors caused by the disaster will become evident and may still be present and intense enough to be distracting in your home. Also, ash is very acidic, so the longer you decide to wait to hire an expert, the more damage this will do to your home or property.

Why Use a Professional

The only way to have your items properly cleaned from the damage is to be extremely thorough. Ash can be easily disturbed increasing the chance of it spreading throughout the whole home with ease which means that mostly everything will need to be restored. A great advantage of using a professional is that they can help identify what can and what cannot be salvaged. Experts can also treat your items with specialized detergents to help neutralize the odor within the material. The entire process of a fire damage is very detailed and this is why hiring a professional for the job is crucial.



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