Roof Damage Repair: What Are The Main Threats To Your Roof?

Have you ever stopped to think about just how important the roof over your head is? Your roof literally protects your entire home! It is exposed to the elements day in and day out, meaning it is bound to sustain some damage at some point or over time. When that happens, it is important to restore the integrity of your roof as soon as possible so you can keep your Tipton home safe and secure. We are going to go through some of the main threats to your roof so you know what to look for when it comes to roof damage.

Roof Damage Repair in Tipton

  1. Storm Damage: We are no strangers to rain here in Tipton, and Spring thunderstorms and rain are common right now. Since the roof is what keeps our home safe and dry during storms, it is the first line of defense for our homes. Unfortunately, that also means it is exposed to the blunt of the storms and when the roof becomes compromised, the entire home becomes compromised. Storms with heavy rain can cause leaks to occur in your roof, and storms with strong winds can lift and pull away shingles. Large branches may be blown into or on top of your roof, damaging your roofing material. Any structural damage to your roof caused by storms or inclement weather should be addressed and repaired right away.
  2. Water Damage: While often hand-in-hand with storm damage, water damage often results as a result of extreme weather. Missing or loosened shingles create areas on your roof that are susceptible to water and leaks. IF water is able to get under your roofing material, it will work its way into your home where it can cause rot, mold growth, and structural damage. Leaky roofs can also result from damage to gutters and drainage systems on your roof. When water is not collected and directed off of and away from your roof, it will eventually find its way inside. Roof leaks are commonly detected by water spots on ceilings or musty smells in the home. By the time these signs are noticed, the damage has already been done. We suggest having your roof inspected by a trained professional at least once a year to help find and resolve any susceptible or weakened areas that could result in water damage during heavy rain before it becomes a problem. 
  3. Heat Damage: Many people do not even consider this type of damage when it comes to roofs, but the sun’s powerful rays beat down on your roof every day, especially during the summer months. Excessive heat can not only fade the color of your roof’s shingles, but it can also cause physical changes. Shingles can curl, shrink, crack, and even change shape in extreme heat. The membrane in your roof that acts as a water-resistant barrier can also shrink and pull away from the edges with excessive heat. Ensuring your roofing material has been installed correctly is the first line of defense against this type of damage, and also knowing your roof’s warranty will help you know when it may be time to consider replacing your roof to avoid damage resulting from long-term exposure to heat. 

Whether your roof has sustained damage from a storm, water damage, wear and tear from the sun, or any other cause out there, the roof damage repair experts at Challis Restoration can help. We specialize in roof damage repair and are on call 24/7 to respond to your needs.