Roof Damage Causes To Look For As Winter Ends

As winter starts into spring, the snow piled on your roof will finally begin to melt. Unfortunately, this can sometimes reveal damage in your roof that you did not know existed. You should look for some signs to ensure your home does not experience a leaky roof, flooding, or water damage.

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There are several signs to look for to know if you have roof damage

  • Water Stains—If you can see water stains or leaks in your attic, it is because water has come through the gaps in your roof. You need to make sure those gaps are fixed immediately.
  • Sagging Roof—If your roof has started to sag under the weight of snow and the harsh conditions of winter, the roof supports could be weakened, and your roof is at risk of caving in. 
  • Cracked Shingles—If the shingles on your roof are cracked or noticeably damaged, you need to get them repaired or replaced to help prevent your roof from experiencing further damage.

Frozen Water In The Gutters And Eaves

As the weather fluctuates during the water, it can cause the snow to melt too quickly and then refreeze. This can cause what is known as ice dams to form in the eaves and the gutters. These ice dams can create a ridge that makes it difficult for snow and water to drain off the roof correctly. They can even cause the gutters to collapse under the weight.

Strain From Excessive Weight On The Roof

Heavy snow sitting on the roof for months can strain the supports of your roof. Snow can begin to melt on warmer winter days and then just as quickly freeze again as the temperature drops. All of this weight on the roof can cause the supports to strain and even collapse, especially if it is an older roof. If you can tell that your roof is sagging, it is best to ensure the damage is repaired before it caves in, which would cause a lot more damage and be a more extensive repair.

Damage By High Winds

The wind is often present during all seasons of the year, and your roof can take a lot of beatings due to the wind. It can wear down and blow off the shingles on your roof during windstorms. Losing shingles during high winds is a common cause of roof damage. Wind can also pose a problem as it causes objects such as tree branches to bang onto your roof. If shingles are missing on your roof, you should definitely get them replaced. If there are a lot of shingles missing, you may need to consider replacing all of the shingles on your roof.

As the seasons go from winter to spring, it is essential to make sure your roof receives the proper repair and maintenance work so it can continue to keep you and your family safe. If your roof needs repairs, you can best call Challis Restoration Services, Inc. to help you.