Preventing Water Leaks in the Kitchen

Your kitchen is probably the centerpiece of your home. You prepare meals, your kids rush there after school, and you entertain guests. Unfortunately, kitchens can contain a minefield of water damage sites. With sinks, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, and exposed pipes, kitchens can be recipes for water damage. Since kitchens are one of the most likely places to incur water damage, here are some tips from Challis Restoration in Davenport on how to target kitchen water damage in the coming winter months.


As with most water damage, prevention is key. When dealing with dishwashers, a mishap can occur at any given time, so it’s crucial to act before any damage happens. Because as soon as you get a leak or a full-blown dishwasher flood, your plates, cups, utensils, flooring, and cabinets can be ruined. Your pocketbook will thank you for taking action ahead of time. Here’s some things to consider when preventing dishwasher floods:

  • Make a goal to only run the dishwasher when you are home and ready to turn off the appliance if anything goes wrong.
  • Check your hoses regularly. Dishwasher hoses often degrade over time which leak and cause water damage. If you notice significant wear and tear on your hoses, a sturdy braided hose can be bought at your local hardware store in Davenport.
  • Check frequently for loose debris or dust around your dishwasher’s seal and in its pump (located at the bottom of your dishwasher). Occasionally when you are loading the dishwasher, bits of food will find their way to the pump. This keeps the inside from draining properly and causes flooding in a matter of a few short hours.


commercial water dmg3 One of the newest conveniences to refrigerators is the built-in line for cold, filtered water and ice. Although this latest invention is wildly convenient, the copper water line can become detached or accumulate tears that can slowly gush gallons of water on your floor in the worst possible place—underneath the fridge where you can’t see. Follow these tips to ensure a leak-free refrigerator:

  • Consider buying a water alarm that an instantly alert you of any leaks. As a feasible alternative to constantly checking behind your fridge, this battery-powered device has electrodes on the base and will alert you if any of the electrodes come in contact with water.
  • Cut stopping blocks to use behind your fridge. Simply place wooden blocks behind your fridge to prevent it from sliding too close to the wall and crimping your water line. The blocks should be just longer than where your water line is installed.
  • If you notice any leaking, cut off your water supply to the fridge immediately. After this, check for crimping in the water line and call a professional if you are in need of assistance.

Kitchen Sink

The extensive array of pipes and lines under your fridge may look intimidating, but don’t be afraid of getting your hands in there! Under-sink leaks can cause massive amounts of damage and are one of the most common sources of kitchen water damage. The most important thing you can do to prevent damage in this area is to make sure the hardware is properly installed, is not degrading, and is functional. Contact a professional if you continuously experience leaks, as it may be a repetitive problem that needs a long-term solution. Here are some ideas when dealing with kitchen sink water damage:

  • Identify where the leak is coming from. If it is the drain pipe, you will notice when you use the sink. If it is the water hose, your pressurized sprayer will likely lose strength. If you are having problems with your drain, there will be excessive amount of standing water when you try to drain your sink.
  • Look for possible blockages or corrosion. Hardware may need to be replaced or cleaned thoroughly.

Even with all the preparation in the world, water damage happens. If you experience kitchen water damage, don’t hesitate to call Challis Restoration in Davenport. Your kitchen is likely one of the most happening places in your home and needs to be remediated—fast. Our technicians have the experience and training necessary to fully restore your kitchen to its clean state.  callnow

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