Dealing with Mold Removal

tyvexsuitBefore we begin discussing mold removal in your Cedar Rapids home, let’s answer that age-old question, “what exactly is mold?” Mold is known to be a micro-organism that is decomposers from dead material such as plants. In order for mold to grow, there has to be moisture around and present in your home. If you are able to stop moisture from coming in, then you can prevent the start of mold growth in your Cedar Rapids home. When there is an extensive amount of mold build up on your surface, this often appears to be colored as blue, green, or even black. Often times the color of mold can be helpful when determining the type of mold it is. Mold will also grow where you have any dampness, especially in corners of your home. This small micro-organism can grow anywhere including, water, food, paper, or even on your walls. Mold does not just affect the item it grows on; it also affects the air around the mold.

Mold Removal is Not Easy

Mold removal is not an easy task and, if not handled properly, you can cause the mold to go airborne and spread to other areas of the property. Preventing the mold from going airborne and spreading into other areas of your home or business is something that mold removal experts excel in. They have the proper knowledge and proven techniques to contain the mold and remove any mold efficiently. They are also equipped with safety gear to prevent any contamination and health risks. Many experts will often use barriers to seal off the area that has been affected by the mold in your home. Once you have removed the mold, you will then need to find what source was causing the mold growth. If you do not find the source of where the mold came from, then you will be at risk of having mold growth again in your home (the professionals are also really good at this).

Salvage Your Belongings

If you happen to catch the mold growth at the early stages, you will most likely be able to save your items that has been contaminated by the mold. Therefore, being able to reduce the cost of cleanup and replacement items. However, if you happen to let the mold build up for an extensive amount of time, the chance of you being able to salvage your item becomes slim to none. Often times if your drywall has been affected, you will have to remove the drywall and have it completely replaced. Many times people think that they can salvage the drywall, but this often costs more money than just having it replaced and starting fresh. Be sure to have all your items cleaned that were in the same area as the mold growth. This will help ensure safety to your home and your family in the Cedar Rapids area.

If you have discovered mold in your Cedar Rapids home or suspect that mold might be growing in hidden areas contact your local mold removal professionals, like the ones at Challis Restoration. We’ve got you covered!