Sometimes The “Cleanest” Places Have the Most Mold

mold damage cleanup cedar rapids, mold damage cedar rapidsWe are creatures of habit. People can live in a wide range of conditions, but we prefer a narrow temperature range. In warm climates, we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. We also invite a lot of water into our homes for cleaning– and just living! Additional moisture can encourage indoor mold, even in the cleanest homes. Surprisingly, mold can be found in the “cleanest” areas of the home. Sometimes, the combination of high moisture, low natural light, and poor ventilation can create the perfect conditions for mold and mildew. Challis Restoration recommends double checking your Cedar Rapids home for potential problems:

Laundry Room

Out of sight, out of mind? When wet clothes are left too long, you may not see mold but you can smell it! Washing machines and dryers are dark, moist and forgotten. Avoid keeping wet clothes in your washer; properly vent the dryer outside the home. Front-loading washers are especially prone to mold growth, you might need to keep the door open between loads to keep air circulating. Also, clean out the dryer lint.

  • Hang wet laundry outside.
  • Make certain that laundry is completely cool and dry before putting it away.
  • Improve air circulation: fans, windows or open doors.


In, on, and around the kitchen sink, dirty dishes shed organic waste from dishes, pots, and appliances. Uneaten food goes through the garbage disposal, and wet sponges linger in the sink. When a food source combines with a moisture source, mold will begin to grow.

Keep your fridge and pantry up to date, remove expired food and reseal broken packages. All surfaces should be wiped down regularly. Refrigerator spaces like drip trays and water dispensers collect water and are an ideal place for mold to grow.

  • Regularly remove garbage to prevent odors and spoilage.
  • Dry condensation around windows and doors.
  • Use exhaust fans when cooking.
  • Open the dishwasher door to keep air circulating.


With daily use, the shower and bathtub are damp most of the time. After your shower, mold spores have ample moisture. And since you don’t usually open the shower curtain until the next day, they also have time to grow– undisturbed. Plus, the mold isn’t always visible and obvious; be sure to check for mold under your shampoo bottles, washcloths and loofahs, shower curtain, around the shower head, and in the tile grout. Use the exhaust fan or open a window until the area is dry.

The surface of the sink and counters should be kept clean and dry. Inspect the toothbrush area, behind the toilet, and underneath the bathroom sink where cleaning supplies are stored. Ensure wet, damp rags, clothes, towels or shoes are dry before storing.

Storage Areas

The best place to store unused stuff is in a forgotten, dark and undisturbed area of the home. The best place to grow mold is the same!

That familiar musty basement smell is a sign that air is not circulating, and mold has found a food and water source. Look around pipes and ducting for leaks, condensation, and signs of water accumulation.  Check near a sump pump, windows, and vents where condensation might gather.

Attics have an opposite problem. They have a lot of ventilation: soffits, vents, HVAC systems. If mold grows here, it can easily spread throughout the home.

Repair any leaks, damage to the roof, and HVAC issues but for prevention:

  • Use a dehumidifier to keep your moisture levels low
  • Paint with waterproof or mold resistant paint
  • Waterproof the exterior of your basement
  • Fix drainage issues
  • Introduce sunlight and ventilation whenever possible

For Mold Removal In Cedar Rapids

When you discover mold in your home or commercial property, contact Challis Restoration for help! Our crew can answer all of your mold damage cleanup needs!


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