I Found Mold in my Clinton Home. Now What?


Mold can be found growing anywhere there are damp surfaces. Left uncontrolled, molds can quickly multiply and grow to dangerous levels that can adversely affect the respiratory system. lives naturally in homes and offices and can be found growing anywhere there are damp surfaces present. If you have every had a water or plumbing leak and are concerned about mold call Challis Restoration Services. Our team of professionals and quickly and efficiently remove any and all mold problems you may be suffering.
Most people find mold when they see or smell it, but mold can also grow in hidden areas such as underneath floorboards or behind walls. If you think you may have a mold issue, it is important that you have a certified mold removal expert perform an inspection as soon as possible. The longer the mold has to grow , the more difficult it is to remove. Mold can become dangerous and can cause symptoms such as chronic coughing, sinus headaches, nausea, and much more.
To determine how severe your mold situation is Challis Restoration Services will test your mold. Once the severity is determined our professionals will use the proper mold removal procedure to remove your mold problem.
There is no doubt, Challis Restoration Services is the best company to call for your mold removal needs!



Myth: Mold is only bad if it is black.
Fact: There are numerous varieties of mold that come in different colors ranging from white, orange, blue or green. The color of mold generally has to do with the spore it produces, and has no bearing on whether it is dangerous or not. White mold can be just as dangerous as black mold.
Myth: I can just use bleach to kill mold.
Fact: Bleach is generally not recommended as a mold killer (fungicide). It works by covering the mold in toxic levels of chemicals. The problem with using bleach is that not only are people susceptible to it’s damaging properties, but the bleach is generally a water-based solution. In the long run, this often means that water penetrates the surface, giving moisture to the roots of the mold, which happily begins to grow again.
Is the mold gone? Mold can grow because it has a source of moisture. Often this means that there is or was a leak or something similiar allowing it to grow. Just removing the mold without fixing the water issue will usually result in the mold coming back. The mold may also be hard to spot. Just because you removed the mold from surface areas doesn’t mean the mold isn’t hiding inside or underneath those surfaces.

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