How To Prepare Your Home for a Storm in Davenport, IA

Storm Damage in Davenport

Sometimes Mother Nature’s visit to Davenport, Iowa can be down right cranky.  And when she is, the results of her tantrums can be seen for miles around. Severe weather happens and you can’t stop it, but you can prepare for it.




Challis Restoration has some valuable suggestions for preventing damage caused by high winds:

Check your roof – Now’s the time to prevent water leakage caused by high winds. If you have a shingle roof, make sure the shingles are not loose in the wind. Special coatings and roofing cements should be available at your local home improvement store. If you have a metal roof, recoat it if needed. Metal roof coating is available at lumberyards and hardware stores.

Leaves and debris – Keep your roof completely free from debris that can cause rot and deteriorate your roof.

Exterior repairs – Check your exterior, if needed, repair your exterior siding, awnings, gutters, downspouts and brackets – especially if they’re loose, damaged or dangling.

Water heater – Make sure your water heater and furnace a securely attached to your home. Call a professional if necessary and always watch out for energy hazards.

Utilities – Learn how to shut off the electricity, water and gas in your home. If there’s time, turn off these utilities before you leave your Davenport home to seek shelter.

Windbreak – Establish a windbreak around your property if possible. Tall trees provide a natural windbreak, but remember to trim healthy trees and remove dead limbs or you might have dead branches flying through your windows.

Windows – Consider updating your windows with modern impact-resistant glass.

Clean your yard – Keep your yard clear of loose articles, such as bikes, shovels, and toys. These can quickly become hazardous flying objects during a severe storm.

Storage – Don’t store flammable, caustic or hazardous material beneath your Davenport home – not even newspapers or grass clippings.

Appliances – Use sturdy “L-brackets” to anchor your major appliances to the walls or counter-tops of your home. Watch out for electrical hazards and always hire a professional if necessary.

ww,Cupboards – To prevent spillage put child safety locks on your upper and lower cupboards.

Wall decorations – Use “V-hooks” to mount artwork instead of nails. These hooks enable pictures to shift without falling off of the wall.

Challis Restoration’s team of “reconstruction artists” will restore your property to like new after a wind, rain or hail damage has taken place.  We are the BEST IN THE BUSINESS and are ready to put your property back to the way it was before Mother Nature decided to visit.

Wind & storm damage repair is our specialty.

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