Hire Fire Damage Cleanup Professionals in Cedar Rapids

fire damage cleanup cedar rapids

Experiencing a house fire can be devastating for any family. Once the fire has been put out it is important to call in a professional fire damage cleanup company in Cedar Rapids.  The faster you act the higher your chances of salvaging fixtures, household items, metal and furniture.

Call in Challis Restoration Services when your home suffers from fire damage! We have certified and highly trained professionals and can safely and efficiently preform fire damage cleanup in Cedar Rapids.

Trying to perform fire damage cleanup in Cedar Rapids on your own could be a large headache that you aren’t equipped to deal with. It’s hard and it can be dangerous. Any wrong move can cause secondary damage and completely ruin and salvageable items.

Perks of Calling a Professional

Available 24/7

The professionals at Challis Restoration are available every single day of the year, day or night! We are there for you when disaster strikes!

This is important because fires can happen at any time and you want someone on site as soon as fire officials deem it safe.

Quick Response Times

Challis Restoration is known for having quick response times. With years of experience and training we will not only arrive on the scene quickly, we will assess the damage quickly. This means we can clean and restore your home as quickly and safely as possible. Our fast action will save you stress and money!

Safety First

Challis Restoration puts your safety first. It is our job to clean up the damage and get your home back to pre-loss conditions quickly and efficiently. Our certified experts take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your loved ones and well as your home.

You may think that once the fire is out it is safe to go inside and start cleaning in your own. The trust is that your home could still be dangerous even after the fire is out.  The structure of the building could be compromised. The professionals at Challis Restoration will assess the situation and create an action plan to ensure everyone’s safety.

Extensive Knowledge

Our experts understand that most homeowners don’t know how important the process of fire damage cleanup in Cedar Rapids is.  It is not a simple cleaning task that anyone can perform. It involves extensive knowledge, the proper tools and safety expertise to know how to completely and efficiently perform fire damage cleanup in Cedar Rapids.

Before you attempt to perform fire damage cleanup in Cedar Rapids on your own, take a look at this list.

Fire Damage Cleanup Process

  • Water extraction
  • Smoke and soot cleaning
  • Ozone treatment
  • Air purification and smoke odor cleaning
  • Packing and storage of salvageable belongings
  • Cleaning of home interior, flooring, and personal belongings
  • Restoration of documents, furnishings, and electronics
  • Mold and mildew inspection, treatment, and removal
  • Deodorizing and sanitizing

When you look at everything a restoration specialist knows and does, it’s easy to see why you should leave fire damage cleanup in Cedar Rapids to the professionals at Challis Restoration.

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