Use A Fire Damage Restoration Service – Everytime

fire damage restoration services cedar rapids, fire damage cleanup cedar rapids, fire damage restoration cedar rapidsThe damage following a fire in your home in Cedar Rapids is daunting. Many homeowners feel the urge to clean up the damage right away, and get their lives back to normal, but most do not know how or where to start. There are certain things that should and should not be done, and steps that must be followed in order to ensure safe, adequate, and thorough fire damage restoration. If a fire damage restoration service is not being utilized, the fire damage is not going to be cleaned up properly – but there are other mistakes that homeowners often make.

Here are three common mistakes that homeowners make following a house fire that could lead to more damage and problems. 

  1. They attempt to cleanup the damage and restore order before notifying the insurance company.

Your home insurer will need to come inspect your property before any repairs or cleanup begins. If you attempt to start working on the fire damaged area before then, the insurer may not pay for all of the damages. They need proof of damage and loss. Tampering with anything before it has been documented, could reduce the chances of coverage. Do not even begin to throw things away until you have been authorized to do so by your insurance adjuster. You should inspect your entire property, and make a detailed written list of any and all damage you find. You should also take plenty of photos to show proof of damage. Most policies require damaged property to be available for inspection, so until a detailed inventory has been taken, just hold tight. It may be very tempting to cleanup your home yourself after fire damage, but it is very important to wait until a fire damage restoration service can help you.

  1. They fail to properly secure their home to prevent additional damage.

After a fire, it is important to take every precaution possible to mitigate further damage to your property. Temporary repairs and securities need to be put in place. If your roof has been damaged, contact a fire damage restoration service that can tarp it or find another means of covering it so that further damage cannot get into your home. Damaged or broken windows, doors, and any other opening to your home need to be boarded up and secured. These temporary repairs are necessary in protecting your home from any other damage – whether it is damage from weather (rain, wind, etc) or damage from intruders (animals or humans). Failing to secure your home after it has become susceptible to other forms of damage will just end up costing you more in the long run.

  1. They do not hire a professional service to handle the cleanup, repair, and restoration.

Whether the damage is small or catastrophic, fire damage restoration services require special training and equipment to adequately remove smoke, soot, ash, and the odors they all leave behind. Professional fire damage cleanup and remediation includes many steps to restore your home the right way. With emergency response, certified professional technicians respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when your home is in need of fire cleanup. Fire and smoke damage cleanup involves many components that, if not handled correctly, can be detrimental to the health and wellness of all occupants. The best thing you can do for your home, and yourself, following any fire is to call fire restoration services near you

Professional Fire Damage Restoration Service In Cedar Rapids

After a fire, these professionals are second to none in helping their clients achieve successful results. From the board-up to protect your home, to the white-glove inspection to make sure all soot has been thoroughly cleaned, Challis Restoration is your right choice for fire damage restoration services in Cedar Rapids. 


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