Fire Damage Restoration Service Due To Wildfires

fire damage restoration service cedar rapids, fire damage cleanup cedar rapids, fire damage restoration cedar rapidsHere in Iowa, we are blessed with acres of rolling hills, hardwood forests and fertile farmland. Unfortunately all this lush vegetation presents an opportunity for large scale windswept fires. Be aware of your neighborhood risk is the first step to decreasing your risk. Below are a few tips to help with fire damage restoration service in your home from the experts at Challis:

Fire Damage Restoration Service In Cedar Rapids

How To Defend Against Wildland Fires

One of the joys of this beautiful countryside is an abundance of plants. Near the home, you should create fire safe landscaping to surround your property. A fire safe landscape is more than a well-maintained yard, it uses strategically planted fire resistant plants to resist the spread of fire. Plus, such a landscape can increase your property value and conserve water while beautifying your home.

Choose fire resistant plants and materials; create fire-safe zones with stone walls, patios, swimming pools, decks and roadways. Use rock, mulch, flower beds and gardens as ground cover for bare spaces and as effective firebreaks.

Check your local nursery, landscape contractor or county extension service for advice on specific fire resistant plants that are suited for your environment, and help to plan your landscape. For example, hardwood, maple, poplar and cherry trees are less flammable than pine, fir and other conifers. Fire-resistant shrubs include hedging roses, bush honeysuckles, currant, cotoneaster, sumac and shrub apples.

Maintain Your Garden For Added Protection 

Healthy lawn, ground cover, and perennials form a belt of lush green that protects the home. When regularly watered, trimmed, and maintained, these plants will be far less likely to carry fire to your home. While all plants will eventually burn, healthy ones with a high moisture content will be more difficult to ignite. 

Drip irrigation systems are an effective way to water and keep a green, healthy, and thereby fire resistant yard. The home defense zone can contain the occasional individual shrub or tree– but  keep them at least 10 feet from the house. Avoid putting plants in the following locations to minimize the movement of fire from vegetation to the home:

  • adjacent to the siding
  • under vents or eaves
  • tree limbs over the roof
  • under or near the deck

Self-funded Chipper Day?

As you clear out vegetation, you may choose to compost or dispose of thoroughly the municipal trash system. To find out when the next green waste day will be, call your local waste removal company. If you have significant debris, some neighborhoods sponsor a “Chopper Day.” They rent a chipper/shredder and divide the cost by “chipping in” to pay for it. 

No matter what precautions you take, your home might still suffer fire damage. If it happens to you in Cedar Rapids, we can help. The fire damage restoration service team at Challis Restoration in Cedar Rapids understands the restoration and recovery process – from first-aid measures and emergency response to technical services and total reconstruction. With over 25 years of experience, our fire damage restoration service experts offer compassion and a calm response to your emergency.

If you have any questions regarding water damage cleanup, fire damage restoration service, sewage damage repair, or flooding cleanup, give the fire damage restoration service experts a call