Preventing Fire Damage Disasters

Fire damage disastersfire damage cleanup iowa city, fire damage iowa city can be one of the most devastating experiences an Iowa City homeowner can have. Not only can the fire cause physical and emotional damage, but the fire damage cleanup process can be daunting.  At Challis Restoration, we are firm believers of fire damage prevention and have created a list of steps you can follow to minimize the risks of fire damage to your home.

Install Smoke Detectors

If you know that your home may be in trouble before the fire damage becomes too severe, that’s a win/win for you, right? Smoke detectors are the easiest way to effectively manage fire safety and warn about the possibility of fire damage. Instead of letting your smoke detector stay dormant and safe, check its capability often.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy

Smoke detectors may be considered the most important preventative device you can have, it’s important to keep a fire extinguisher on hand. There are different models depending on the size and type of the fire that may occur. Know your fire extinguisher and its capabilities to prevent casualty and more harm than good. Most extinguishers are either plastic or metal. Both are effective, but metal extinguishers are more permanent since you can refill them. Plastic extinguishers are disposable.

Keep Fire Risks at a Minimum

Remember to never smoke in your home, and in cases where you choose to smoke in your garage, make sure that there is nothing flammable in the vicinity. Safely dispose of all cigarette remnants when you have finished. Also, keep your regularly lived-in rooms free of hazardous materials and stacks of paper items like magazines and newspapers. Know your kitchen safety and keep all cooking and baking activities risk-free by always turning off burners, keeping food items, containers, and towels away from the heat source. 

Make Sure Heat Sources are Maintained

If you heat your home with fireplaces or woodstoves, clean them often. Always pay attention to irregular occurrences and smells. If you use a gas fireplace, make sure you have more than one valve in case of malfunctions. With the use of woodstoves, ensure that leftover ashes are wet before disposal, and inspect flue pipes regularly for damage or rust. In cases of a wood fireplace, use protective measures such as small, linked, chain fences to keep sparks or ashes from falling to the surrounding area and causing fire damage. Have your chimneys checked often and keep them clean and free of debris. 

Be Aware of Iowa City Fire Warnings

Often, the weather can predict the probability of fires occurring. Be familiar with your local weather station, and consistently check the weather. Be active about warnings when they come. Do not hesitate to take extra protective measures to ensure fire safety and fire

Store Flammable and Combustible Materials Safely.

Make sure to keep stacked paper to a minimum and install sprinklers and fire detectors in storage areas. When remodeling your home, choose not to locate storage areas near heat sources such as fireplaces and chimneys. Keep electrical sources organized and never overload outlets. Place extension cords and other cords away from walkways to prevent hazards.

Your number one priority should be to keep yourself, and others safe. In case of a fire, call professionals to handle it if it gets too out of hand, and always have an emergency escape plan.