Starting The Fire Damage Cleanup Process

fire damage cleanup cedar rapids, fire damage cedar rapidsExperiencing a house fire is very devastating and dangerous. After feeling mixed emotions, many homeowners are wanting to know what they can do to start the process of fire cleanup. The certified and trained professionals at Challis Restoration in Cedar Rapids will be able to clean up the remains of a fire and get your home back to normal again!

Why You Need To Hire A Trained Professional

Why should you hire a trained professional? Well, when the technician is certified and trained to do the job appropriately, they know what to do in your specific situation and know what steps to take. They understand that their job calls for quick response time and immediate, but thorough, cleanup to your home. Not only that, but cleaning up the left-over results of a fire is very dangerous because there could be broken glass, sharp object, unstable beams, and many other hazards. These can be hard to identify, especially if you aren’t trained in the field. The professionals at Challis Restoration in Cedar Rapids have the appropriate cleaning products, proper equipment, and they are trained to do the job correctly and safely.

Cleaning the remnants quickly from a fire is essential because even if the fire is put out, damage can still be occurring. Smoke can damage the ceiling and walls on your property, by leaving discoloration and black marks. This is caused by soot and ashes. If the ash residue is not cleaned up properly, your belongings may need to be replaced.

What To Expect

The certified professionals will start their process off by addressing any other damages to the structure of your home. They will determine whether or not your home has any leaks that might cause water damage. If you do have leaks, they will repair those damages, so it doesn’t lead to other damages in the future. They will also replace the roof if needed, and repair walls. If you happen to have stairs in your home and they get damaged, the professionals will fix those as well. After the structure is inspected, they will move on to the actual cleaning part.

Now the technicians will start cleaning your home thoroughly, involving the removal of soot and smoke in your home. The soot and smoke don’t just stay in the room the fire happened in. It can travel throughout the home. They will make sure that everything is free from soot or ash, including cleaning in hard to reach places.

If the technicians did happen to come across a broken pipe or a leak, they will clean that up using large pumps and removing any moisture in the air by using dehumidifiers. This is so that mold isn’t growing and the water situation is taken care of right off the bat, to prevent future damages.

Some of your belongings may need to be removed and cleaned if they are salvageable. If it is damaged too greatly or has been contaminated by category 3 water, they will have to be thrown out for sanitary reasons.

After the cleaning process is finally over, the last step is to repair or fix any items of furniture. They will also redecorate and get your home back to normal.