Common Causes Of Roof Damage

When you value your Bettendorf home and the investment you have made in it, you will make sure to have your roof repaired as soon as any damage is noticed. Since your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, it is no surprise that sooner or later some type of roof repair will be necessary, regardless of how proactive you are with your roof care. 

Roof Repair Company Bettendorf

In order to be as proactive as possible with roof repairs, it is helpful to understand what the most common causes of roof damage are. Here are the most typical sources of roof damage we see as a roof repair company in Bettendorf:

  • Old Shingles: One of the main causes of roof issues resulting in roof repairs is that your roof has simply outlived its lifespan. Over time, your shingles age, become frail and brittle and leave your roof exposed to the elements. If your roof has outlived its warranty, you may find yourself in need of more frequent roof repairs. For asphalt shingles, the typical lifespan is between 15 and 30 years. If your roof is older than that, you may want to consider having it replaced so you are not constantly needing a roof repair company. 
  • Procrastinating Repairs: Putting off necessary roof repairs will often result in further, more serious damage. The second you notice or suspect damage to your roof, you need to call a roof repair company so the problem can be resolved before it becomes a major issue.
  • Lack of Maintenance: While roof maintenance is a broad category, this type of damage typically includes general neglect of roof upkeep. A simple annual inspection, roof sweep, and gutter downspout cleaning can go a long way in preventing unnecessary roof damage.
  • Ice Dams: With winter weather and freezing temperatures in the forecast for the next couple of months here in Bettendorf, a leading cause of roof damage is ice dams. Ice dams cause water to back up onto your roof, and prevent proper drainage of water off of it as it melts. This can cause water to seep under and around shingles, leading to some pretty serious damage. 
  • Strong Wind: Few other situations put your shingles to the test as much as strong winds, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. Hopefully, your roofing material has high wind resistance, but even then your roof can easily be left in need of repair following strong winds. The best practice is to have your roof examined after every significant wind storm by a roof repair company to be sure that there is not any damage that could later result in a leak or other disaster.
  • Poor Installation: The need for numerous, frequent roof repairs could be directly tied to poor installation work. It is a recipe for leaks and damaged shingles to roof over old shingles or to incorrectly prep the roof and lay down the proper underlayer. Not using the correct underlayment, failing to install proper flashing when necessary, using subpar or no roof sealants, and improperly fastening or overlapping tiles are just a few of the poor installation techniques we have seen when performing roof repairs here in Bettendorf.

Now that you know what may be the cause of roof damage, you need to know which roof repair company to call when your roof needs help. Call Challis Restoration Services when you need any help with your roof, and trust that we will be able to get it repaired quickly and correctly.