Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup in Tipton

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Tipton Fire damage is a traumatic experience and can be very devastating for a business or commercial property. In addition to the concern of getting your building repaired, you are more than likely also troubled by the money you could lose. Every hour spent restoring your Tipton business back to pre-fire condition is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. While the devastation often appears to be insurmountable, the best way to handle fire damage cleanup is to be prepared in advance. Challis Restoration Services has been helping companies in  Tipton, Iowa area since 1993 and offers

The first step is to establish a fire response plan and educate your employees. Having a plan in place will enable you and your staff to react intelligently in the event of a fire. They should be informed of:

  • Fire extinguisher locations.
  • Location of emergency exits.
  • How to react to emergency situations.

Establish a Communication Plan

  • Keep phone lists of your key employees and customers somewhere besides your place of business and provide copies to key staff members.
  • Set a remote number on which you can record voicemail messages for your employees in the event of an emergency and provide the number to employees.
  • Arrange for programmable call forwarding for your main business line(s). This way, if you can’t get to the office, you can reprogram the phones to ring elsewhere.

A designated person, or better yet a group of people, should also be informed of:

  • Location of sprinkler shut off valves, so responders can locate as necessary and help prevent residual flooding.
  • Locations of major HVAC, piping, gas, and water lines.
  • Areas or sections of the building(s) that can be secured to help prevent the spread of fire.

Preparing your facility for a fire is the most effective way to minimize damage and save on restoration costs. When a commercial structure incurs a loss, the result is multi-fold. This can include human safety issues, insurance claims and construction delays, all of which lead to business interruption. The faster a business can get up and running after a loss, the better chance it has for staying in business. To prepare your Tipton, Iowa facility for fire, consider the following:

  • Clearly marked emergency exits that and are kept clear.
  • Sufficient firebreaks and green spaces surrounding your property that are adequately maintained, in the event of a forest fire or neighboring structure fire.
  • Identification of vulnerable substances like hazardous materials or compressed gasses.
  • Consider installing fire glass in windows and doors.
  • Evaluate flues, chimneys, and any entry points that might permit sparks or embers to enter the facility, and install closures or shutters when appropriate.

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