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Proper Water Damage Cleanup in Cedar Rapids

Snowing, Freezing and then Leaking Require Proper Water Damage Cleanup In Cedar Rapids Across eastern Iowa and southwestern Wisconsin, we average about two and a half feet of snow per year. While the beautiful white drifts create wonderful photo opportunities, the freezing temperatures can create dangerous conditions for your Cedar Rapids home. Frozen pipes can […]

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Coordinating Steps After Water Damage

Hand In Hand Dealing with Water Damage When you call Challis Restoration Services, they rush to the scene of the damage immediately, day or night. Your window of opportunity is so short– mold growth can begin in as little as 48 hours. You need a team to attack the problem quickly, logically and aggressively. Although […]

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11 Facts About Business Fires (& Preventing Them!)

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, U.S. fire departments responded to about 3,300 office property fires per year between 2007 and 2011. Those fires resulted in about $112 million in property damage each year, and most were in business offices – and happened during business hours. However, the good news is the number of […]

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Where to Look for Water Leaks in your Home

Water leaks can start small and turn into a serious problem. It could save you a lot of trouble and money to do what it takes to ensure that any leaks you get don’t get too serious and lead to big issues. Of course, if that ever does happen, Challis Restoration Services in the Tipton, […]

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Simple Steps For Fire Prevention

Fire damage prevention is as easy as slapping up a few smoke detectors around the house and making sure the fire extinguisher is in the kitchen, right? Unfortunately, that is not enough to prevent a house fire from occurring. As homeowners, we need to take a more comprehensive approach to prevent and prepare for house […]

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Cleaning Up After A Flood: Tips & Tricks

When your property is damaged by flood water the cleanup process can be a daunting task. Storms, appliance failure, plumbing disasters, or other external flood sources can cause some serious damage to your property. Regardless of the extent of damage caused by flooding it is important to kick in a plan of action as soon […]

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Tips on Salvaging Furniture after Flood Damage

Flooding can be a very stressful, very messy situation that we wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Not only is it time-consuming to clean up, but it also has a lot of potential of damaging, or even ruining, your personal items, appliances, other household items, and furniture. When sorting through the damages, It can be especially hard […]

Dealing with Mold Removal

Before we begin discussing mold removal in your Cedar Rapids home, let’s answer that age-old question, “what exactly is mold?” Mold is known to be a micro-organism that is decomposers from dead material such as plants. In order for mold to grow, there has to be moisture around and present in your home. If you […]

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Preventing home water damage can seem to be redundant and time-consuming, but it definitely beats the alternative. Taking the right preventative measures can save you from the headache of a disastrous water damage. Here are some quick tips to help you make sure the water stays out of your house and how to spot it […]

Biggest Risks of Flood and Water Damage

Flood and water damage are one of the most potent dangers facing American homeowners today. These are some sobering statistics that prove what a problem this is today. 14,000 homeowners in the United States experience a water and flood damage emergency every day. 98 percent of basements will experience some amount of flooding in their […]